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Kathy's Loving Stitches

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Welcome to Kathy's Loving Stitches'  web site!

My site continues to grow with new smocked children’s dresses and clothing and with the happy addition of my best friend Maureen, who is now working with me.  Check out the “Christening-Dedication-Bris Gowns”, “First Communion Gowns”, “Easter Gowns” and “Flower Girl Dresses”.  Call and custom design your own special Heirloom Dress or Smocked Outfit.  Everything ordered from us is custom made to your specifications.  Call early to be sure you get your dress or outfit for your Special Event!

Click on “Our Products” and browse through the “First Communion-Flower Girl Dresses”, “Newborn to 18 months”, “2 to 4 years old”, “5 to 6 years old”, and the “Flower Girl Picture Album” categories!
Although, I do not have a page for dresses above size 6, we will gladly custom make them on an individual basis. Many children are “big for their age” and still need to dress for their chronological age. Some children are challenged and have special needs. We are happy to make your unique dresses for them.

Read about the Yoke and Bishop-style dresses. Order a custom designed Christening Gown for you Newborn or your new Grandchild from the “Christening Gown, Dedication Gown and Bris Gown” section.

See my “Take-Me-Home from the Hospital “day gowns in my newborn to eighteen month page.

Feel free to contact me at kathyslovingstitches@gmail.com

or call at:  770-285-4106 or 770-355-9522

Our Philosophy

We believe that children should wear lovely clothing appropriate for their age. As any mother or grandmother knows after size 6X, appropriate, attractive children’s dresses are almost impossible to find. Teenagers should and will choose their own trendy styles to wear, but we hate to see elementary aged children dressing like rock stars. Although we all love our comfortable jeans, there are special occasions when special attire is needed.  First Communions and Weddings are occasions that call for dresses made with “loving stitches”. We have concentrated on creating handmade heirloom and smocked children’s clothing that is appropriate to wear for those special occasions, but can also be worn again for church and other celebrations.

From time to time, we will feature a different dress on the home page, along with a link to Our Products page where you can find more information on the dress.

We hope you will browse through the rest of the site if only to appreciate the beauty of our garments. Let us know how you enjoy them.

Click here to go directly to the dresses.

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One of my favorites Gowns

Flower Girl Dresses

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Flower Girl Dress Album

I hope you will browse through the rest of my site if only to appreciate the beauty of my smocking. Let me know if you enjoy them. Click here to go directly to my dresses.      Our Products

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!
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