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Christening, Dedication and Bris Gowns (Page 2)

My Christening, Dedication, and Bris Gowns       
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Christening gowns are a joy for me to design and make.  I have included some gowns for you to see and gather ideas from. I much prefer designing a gown just for your family.
Whether your infant is being Christened, blessed at a Dedication, or entering into a covenant at his Bris, these gowns should become a family heirloom. I will embroider your infant's name and birthdate on the slip. Any other infants that come along can have their names added to the slip!
Gowns can be very elaborate and include a lot of lace, smocking, tucks, ruffles, puffing, and embroidery or they can be quite simplistic with clean pure lines.The fabric can range from Imperial Batiste (65% cotton 35% poly) to gorgeous 100% cotton Swiss Batiste, voile, or silk Batiste. Other people chose Silk duipioni or China silk, but the choice should be yours.
The cost of the gown will depend on the type and amount of fabric, lace, and the amount of hand embroidery used.
I will post pictures of created gowns from time to time to give you ideas. Occasionally, I post one "Already Made" for sale.
Remember to allow 4 - 6 weeks for your gown to be created and shipped to you. Contact me by phone  770-285-4106/770-355-9522 or by email
Please be sure to visit My new Christening/Dedication/Bris Gowns on page (3)

Christening Gown for Jack Ross


Jack’s mother knew just what she wanted for her son. His gown is simple pima swiss batiste. The collar features his last initial done in ecru shadow work embroidery. The collar has faggotting insertion with ercu satin ribbon and is trimmed with ecru tatting. The skirt has fancy band of pintucks faggotting with ribbon and entredeux beading. It also has a large tuck at the hem. The long sleeves are trimmed with entredeux, faggottting with ribbon and tatting.

This gown can also be “passed down” if Jack Ross has a little sister some day. 

Jack Ross's Christening Gown

Jack Ross
Koehler Galleries - Lincolnton, Ga







Christening Gown for Janelle     



This gown was a first for me. Janelle’s mother sent me her christening gown to re- design for her daughter. The gown features an organdy overlay over batiste. I smocked it in the bishop style. What a nice way to create an instant heirloom.

Janelle's Christening Gown




Baby Naming gown for Emma     


Emma’s mother wanted a Bris/Baby Naming gown for either sex. Her gown is daygown length  with a star of David embroidered on the skirt. Tucks and entredeux insertion with ribbon  adorn the bodice and skirt. The fabric is ecru pima swiss cotton.

Emma Bris/Baby Naming Gown


Nathan Thomas


Nate’s gown is a “convertible” gown. The romper has a button-on-skirt that is worn for the ceremony. The romper can also be worn at other occasion. The ensemble is made of 100% cotton Swiss pima batiste. The romper and skirt have pleats rather than gathers. The big collar is embellished with blue shadow stitching. It is very tailored for a sweet baby boy.

Nathan Thomas

Close-up of Nate's collar









Benjamin Trigg


Benjamin’s gown is made of Swiss Pima batiste. It has geometric smocking done with ecru floss. The Peter Pan collar and boy sleeves are trimmed with tiny ecru Swiss edging. The skirt is tailored with tucks at the hem.


Benjamin Trigg

Enlargement of Jack Ross' Gown
Click on picture to enlarge

Jack Ross' collar

Enlargement of Jack Ross' Hem
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Jack Ross' hem

Jack Ross' bonnet

Enlargement of Janelle's Bodice

Janelle's bodice

Enlargement of Janelle's Hem

Janelle's hem

Enlargement of Emma's bodice

Emma's bodice

Emma's Star of David


                                                           Nate's Bonnet  


Benjamin's picture


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